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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can have a completely gorgeous website with tons of original and engaging content, but unless you’re in the top ten search engine results for relevant keywords, you aren’t going to generate your desired traffic. ┬áThe only way to get those desired search engine ranks is to optimize your website for these keywords, which used to be as simple as just loading up your meta tags with keywords. It’s not so simple anymore.

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes deep analysis of your website and your goals with the site, which is the foundation for your keywords. Then these keywords must be strategically placed across your pages in a way that still flags your site as relevant to these keywords, and yet doesn’t sound like it’s been written by a content farm with the goal of just snagging a search engine’s attention. While yes, you do want to snag a search engine’s attention, it won’t mean a thing if you aren’t able to grab your target audience’s attention as well.

As such, SEO is never really a one time thing that you can set in motion and reap the rewards for the end of time. It’s almost like a pet for your website, one that needs to be fed, watered, monitored, and constantly groomed. Google is constantly changing the rules for search engine optimization, so certain elements you have in place one month may suddenly not help you the next.

We always include basic search engine optimization in every website construction and reconstruction, but if you are needing some additional SEO help that will bump you to that precious first page of search engine results, we can design and implement a custom SEO plan specifically for your website. Contact us for a quote!

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